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Basically, I'm this person getting ready to go to college but I really need some cash to buy a laptop. I'm a good person, but I just need a couple hundred bucks to get started, as I am rather poor and don't want to take any more loans out. So why can't I get a job and just use money from that? Well, I have to get all those money and spend it towards tuition and I still have to save after that... So, if you would like to donate, either in cash or the laptop itself, please visit Donate.
Some update due to recent suggestions: About me!
I have completing my undergrad at Birmingham-Southern College, am almost 19, and am thinking of majoring in English Lit or Comp. Lit, which requires much writing. I did get financial aid, but not enough, since I am not a top student, and still have some expenses to cover myself.
Personal details: Mom is going to nursing school to get a more professional job, which adds more tight budget, and my dad, who's divorced from my mom, is disabled, but does get some compensation (minimal, however). Though I am not below poverty, I am low income.
Thanks everyone for your support!